Wet wood/Ants questions....

Barry Irby
I have a pallet rake with wood in it and a tarp over it. Cheap tarp from Harbor Freight. I made the top slope to drain off any rain.

Today I go to get a piece of pine and it's really wet. And there are about a million ants nesting on top of it under the next board. Tiny ants with lots of larva. I am trying to figure out if the rain blew in or leaked in this one spot or if the ants brought in the moisture. The piece of wood was crosswise in the rake and make have soaked in water through the tarp, drooling down from the top. The end of the board was touching the tarp. The lumber above and below was dry. What's your guess? Moisture problem caused by ants or ant problem caused by moisture?

(Also learned I have built a wonderful habitat for wasps (at least three nests) and wood boring bees, (at least one).) Bought some of the 20' spray to deal with them.

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