Re: Friends Don't Let Friends do MDF

Howard Rosenberg
Interesting observation re my gear to keep MDF's dust out of my nose, eyes, throat and off my clothes, Tom.

It's super fine, super-light and needs big vigilance to keep under control.

As for its attractiveness, it's -
- relatively cheap
- completely flat
- uniformly sized
- consistently-sized
- doesn't telegraph through veneers
- machines great
- takes finishes well

I'll live with its need to -
- pre-drill on any surface (face or edge)
- manage dust

Those pluses vs those minuses let me create projects that would be waaaaay too expensive in solid wood -
- 8' long bookcase shelves
they're really torsion boxes in housed joints - grooves and dadoes
they're FILLED with books
they exhibit zero sag after 17 years of use
- 7' tall bookcase/grandfather clock
frame-and-panel gables and door
in use by my son for 21 years

Milk paint was very liberating - and cheap - but veneer opens up UNIVERSES of possibilities!

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