Re: Piano Salvage Help

William Duffield
Thanks, Paul, and everyone else!

Paul, You have been a great help. Your breakfront case of plastic boxes is an inspiration. I have similar parts boxes in piles all over my bench and the rest of the shop, and they need some discipline. I'll get right to work on building them some cases as soon as I get home on Monday. A small, unimportant question: Are your three cases joined to each other or separate? It seems the whole thing might be difficult to move if joined and loaded with parts.

A few friends, who have been assigned the task of disposing of the piano, have extracted the keys for me. I'll find out, when I get home, whether there is any ebony or even ivory, in them. They knew how to get at them, which I didn't. Based on y'all's advise, I'm going to let the rest of it go to the great concert hall in the sky.

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