Re: Piano Salvage Help

John K Jordan
Beautiful wood (and a good use!)

One problem is a lot of less expensive pianos are made with "common" wood covered with veneer, and the older the piano the more damaged the veneer seems to be!

I never thought about trying to salvage the sound board. From what I've seen, they are made from a bunch of narrow pieces of spruce edge-glued together, maybe 3/8" or so thick. Smaller pieces might be nice for small boxes, music boxes, or pieces of boxes. Or the front of some other instrument such as a bowed psaltery.

(For anyone interested in making a psaltery there is an excellent book available with complete details in easy-to-follow form: "The Psimple Psaltery" by Eric Meier.
Even a relative beginner should have no big problem building one with this book. I've had one for years I use with the kids, but building one is on by bucket list.

I THINK this is the same Eric Meier who runs the amazing Wood Database, my go-to resource for wood species info and ID.
I'll ask him the next time we communicate.


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