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Paul in NJ

I would think only the panels would be worth the effort. All else would result in small pieces. I was able to procure the top of a junked baby grand. The legs and other thick pieces were all laminated and I couldn't think of an immediate use for them. The sound board was penetrated by fasteners and no way could I get a piece large enough for a guitar top.

I am in the processes of selling my home and so I took a hard look at all the wood I have and what I want to take with me. The piano top was too nice to discard but not big enough for a larger project. I decided to make shop cabinets to organize all the hardware I have. I procured divided compartment plastic boxes and designed the cabinets around them.

The panels were walnut veneered lumber core plywood. The veneers were a solid 1/16" thick. The core turned out to be perfectly quartered chestnut as verified by Hoadley's book.

The 1/4" dadoes were made with my dado plane and rabbets were cut a filletster plane.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Paul Dzioba

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