Re: OT, Old cast iron pipe clogging question?

John McGaw
I have a bit of experience with aged plumbing and I'm wondering if you truly have "cast iron" running up to a kitchen sink. I've never seen it done that way. In the olden days, like the age of your place and mine, there would typically be galvanized steel pipe leading to sinks. The cast iron was normally used strictly for the main trunk and the toilets.

Is the sink that clogs by any chance centered on a window? That is the situation I have in my present home. This means that the vent line (obviously) cannot be run straight up through the window. It also means that the vent is offset and the sink run joins it in a T or Y leading downward. This is an absolutely wonderful place for a persistent clog as I've discovered. The only good way to clean my clog is to have the snake machine on the roof and run it down the vent all the way to the main sewer line. The snake my steady plumber uses has some serious scraper/cutter blades on it and removes everything it comes across. I've had him do this job down through each of the roof vents since, once he and his helper has hauled it to the roof, there is nothing to lose by being thorough.

Now I'm far more careful about what I run down the drain and through the disposal.

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