John in NM
Having to go further each time is odd. I've had that happen with roots, but clearly that is not the problem here.

A blockage from something like roots gets cleared well enough to drain for a while longer, then next rootering partially clears it and pushes it down further. Last time that happened here I hired a plumber, since power rootering is hard work and dangerous to the fingers unless it has that clutch like thing mounted on it (never seen a rental that does). The guys who came up to clear it did a great job of it, they ran it out to the town sewer and were a bit worried they'd hang up on the joint to the bigger line.

I wonder if there's something similar - some wad of fiberous material (like when my wife tried to put leftover spaghetti squash down the disposer!) that gets clogged over the year with normal grease buildup from normal washing. Rootering dislodges it and pushes further down, and maybe loosens up the grease somewhat?

Lots of speculation in that, camera sounds like a good idea. I had that done once at my mother's house in Tucson, they found a brick in the line. Long story, but suffice it to say, it was worth the $100!

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