OT, Old cast iron pipe clogging question?

Barry Irby
I have a condo that I rent out, built in 1973 and it has cast iron pipe. The kitchen sink drain keeps clogging. I send a local company to run a router through it. It was happening about once a year but now is more often. The router company says it "feels" like scale.

This is a two story unit over a finished walk out basement with the kitchen in front on the first floor (above the basement). The kitchen is in the front and the sewer goes out the rear. There are three full baths and a laundry room. There are two baths on the top floor, the kitchen and a half bath on the middle floor and a full bath and laundry on the bottom walk out level.

I am fearful we are about to go on a snipe hunt chasing an elusive problem. I can't figure out why only the kitchen sink is impacted. Everything else seems to work fine as least as far as the tenants know.

What is the life expectancy of No-Hub cast iron pipe? Is it possible I have a defective piece in the kitchen sink drain? Anybody got advice?

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