Making Danish Oil

Don Stephan
A wonderful alkyd varnish, P&L 38, was discontinued last year and I am like a lost soul wandering in the desert.

What are others using to mix danish oil, combining linseed oil, mineral spirits and a polyurethane or other product?

Sometimes I need a longer working time to wipe on a finish, and danish oil would work well. Over the years several people who write on finishes and finishing have wondered if the solids content of commercially available pre-mixed danish oil products are lower than ideal, hence the desire to mix in the shop.

The traditional formula is equal parts varnish, linseed oil, and mineral spirits but the cured product is relatively soft. Several years ago I read a suggestion by Jeff Jewitt to use 1/9th linseed oil, and 4/9ths varnish and mineral spirits, getting the same warming of the wood linseed oil does but curing to a harder finish.

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Making Danish Oil
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