I went to their page...

David Weaver
..and could no longer find the same ply. It was pure something or some such name, but it looks like they use different cores now (not surprising, that was a decade ago or close to it).

You can see the ply on the side of the back corner cabinet with what looks like a bookmatch. It was so workable that I made that entire cabinet, aside from the door, with hand tools. From sawing the plywood to cutting the dadoes with a dado plane. It turned out to be easier than building them with router table, battens, etc, and there was just enough slop in the fit to make the glue-up a whole lot easier.

Way easier.

Not to suggest that it's cheap as I said it "wasn't that expensive", it was about $95 a sheet 10 years ago but I would buy it again 20 times if I had to.

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