regional effect...

David Weaver
..if one is looking for a solid wood relatively plain dining chair here (or somewhat nicer, but still all power tool made kind of bits), the mennonite shops kill the market for makers (and make good chairs available for people without being of means).

Not sure about the rest of the US.

A friend of mine (who lives closer to where warren is) had an amishman make 4 dining tables and chair sets for them. The tables were leaf type, relatively plain oak. $400 each (figure $600 in current dollars maybe), finished. 10 leaves. Bonkers.

Since they had four sets of chairs, he itemized the costs for them. They're given some sort of light stain and finished with polyurethane. He asked $10 a chair. They had 24 chairs and declined to pay that because they found a mennonite chair shop that would do the same for $5 a chair.

Imagine quoting someone $10 a chair for stain and finish only to find out that you've been torpedoed for half as much. obviously, this wasn't french polishing work, but I looked at the table and it was given a quick accurate finish (could be lacquer and not poly, too - it was before I started woodworking.

All solid chairs at the chair shop near my inlaws start around $125 with finish, but the styles are "sort of" styles. They may look sort of shaker or be kind of something else, but less crisp and more bulky and rounded. Who cares if kids are going to beat them up, anyway.

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