forgot about that, too!

David Weaver
I think the face to face sales model was effective on people who are trusting. My grandmother had little money, but often bought avon stuff in excess and then gave it away.

Some of it is still floating around in my mother's closets unused - 35+years later.

collection of odd or very individualized things is less common in my generation (I don't know anyone else who collects anything at all, actually - only me and nothing that I have except for a very few items folks have given me is really safe from getting old and I have no intention of having most of it 10 years from now).

having a "room" dedicated to something unusual was common in the 1980s (at least rural), and it could've been something like plates, or mickey, or sports memorabilia, or in my dad's case, an enormous number of oil cans that he celebrates the perceived value of but I can't convince him to thin.

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