Re: Thanks Jesse, great detail...

Jesse Cloud
"What is serious money?"

Well, "serious" was probably a bad choice of words. The most I sold a custom chair for was $2,000 - which seemed like a lot to me. As Sgian pointed out, there is a tremendous amount of labor involved in a high end chair and making a profit is elusive.

It took me about 40 hours of labor to make that chair and it was hard work. Materials were probably $200 - 300, depending on type of wood and material for seat upholstery.

I never tried to make a living off the chairs, I am comfortably retired and had lots of other things I wanted to do.

Unless you are a super talent like Brian Boggs or Sam Maloof, chairs are not going to make you rich.

I guess I should have said something like people are willing to pay a fair price for a custom chair and not expect you to come in cheaper than Walmart like my sister-in-law does. :)

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