which reminds me...

David Weaver
..I will still watch reruns of the show from time to time because they remind me of people I knew growing up semi-rural in the 1980s and 1990s, and the way they talked to each other was a whole lot more realistic where I lived vs. the cosby show or something (a doctor and a lawyer living together all speaking proper english and making few snide jokes - about as relatable as people being on the love boat all the time or flying on a regular basis for leisure - not at all to me).

But - what stands out..

*color matched paper products*

My daughter is 11 (and somehow now, we've learned the show is inappropriate, so she isn't allowed to see much of it - my parents never thought much of letting us watch it) - and when she gets a glimpse of a kitchen with blue napkins and blue paper towels, she's mind blown.

Those quietly disappeared before the internet and I had to look up why later (speculation that some of the dyes used in them were not really suitable for skin contact).

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