brass and glass everywhere

David Weaver
1980s, 1990s, everything around was glass and lacquered brass. Almost forgot. (light oak cabinets were everywhere, too - brass hardware also on those, and lots of blue and purple carpets).

I worked at aristokraft in the 1990s and would venture a guess that 90% of the cabinets were either light oak (probably 60%) dark oak (15%) or white with rigid theromofoil.

The remainder were maple and most of the maple cabinet styles that we made at the time would still sell now, but they were the minority.

One of the older ladies went down on STD or LTD with foot problems and I got to do her job on one of the assembly lines, which was making hardware bags and stapling them to cabinets (they did a good job kind of assigning folks to lighter duty jobs when they got older if they wanted to stay rather than pushing them out) - the proportion of brass hardware was enormous.

Hospital waiting rooms back then also had the blue/purple/pink kind of color themes and carpet or furniture looked like the solo cup. It's strange how that stuff goes away a little at a time and it's not noticed unless you start hunting for houses and you find one last updated around 1990.

I vaguely recall on roseanne's oddball last season when they won the lottery, they got honey oak cabinets with brass hardware, and the strange contemporary furniture.

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