answering bill's question...

David Weaver
except I'm not going to post what I've made today, it's chisels - and many like them are posted in droves...

but stealing an idea from the UK woodworking forum, there is a permanent thread with the title "post a photo of the last thing you made".

It's less onerous seeming and less apt to invite criticism as people take turns more or less doing a drive by, and great explanation isn't needed, and there's little debate in it (that goes on elsewhere if there is any).

It's loaded with stuff great and small - about 2600 posts to date, and I think something similar here would be a good idea. You may make something you think isn't worth seeing or making a big deal about, but it contributes to the effort and other people get ideas, pedestrian or not, and find it useful.

The exact opposite of my rabbit holes dug from other rabbit holes where i bounce details out thinking about them. The thread is pinned in the general woodworking forum, and the huge mix of people prevents anyone from trying to claim that there's only one right way to do something (no devolving into sharpening or this century or that).

Not sure how it would stay organized here, though, since pinning a thread may not work the same way and if it was stuffed off in a separate forum, nobody would go there.

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answering bill's question...
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