Re: So where is all the woodworking *link to pic*

Michael Bulatowicz
I recently finished a "lazy Susan" bookshelf for my two young children.

Done with all hand tools from red oak, finished in shellac. Heavy and sturdy (and easy to touch up the finish) because I am not naive enough to think it won't be abused and climbed. I figure it's best to make sure it's very difficult to knock over.

Took about 3 months to make, starting from rough lumber, in my very limited shop time and with my kids "helping" from time to time. No fasteners except what was needed to attach the bearing (from Lee Valley). I enjoy the process and the skill building more than the finished product, so I rarely rush and use machines only when I am in a hurry and don't have my kids around. They love being involved in building things, and were involved in this project as much as they could be.

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