curved wood question, actual woodworking...

Barry Irby
I am making some chair on commission, copying some I saw in a restaurant. The back is 48" tall and has nine 1/2" by 1/2" strips used as a back rest or splat. They start from the top and descend to a curve forward 3" and then curve downward. So they are about forty five inches long and have a gentle serpentine curve. they are in square mortices at the top and bottom and pass through one at the seat and are space about 5/8" apart. There are nine of them in each chair. They will be White Oak.

So I have to make about 60 of them. 54 for the six chairs and a few spares.

How would you make them? Saw them out of nice straight grained oak and dress them with a router sled?

Steam bend them? Would the be consistent enough to line up nine in each chair?

Or rip a bunch of stock to 1/8" and laminate them in a form? I'm thinking using 3 1/2" wide strips and gluing them to rip a bunch out of each lamination.

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