Here's some *PIC*

Henry (Raleigh NC)
Project for a client that took me waay too long.
- Finishing was a bit of a struggle; the LED install (under each shelf) and the making of the ladder was not nearly as easy as I expected.
- 9' ceilings and 11' wide. Had to modify the existing wainscotting on both sides to have it 'work'. Left existing 11' crown in place behind this, as it was installed 'behind' both pieces it intersected with; removal of that piece meant disturbing 3 pieces on 3 walls instead of just one piece on the backwall.
- Maple face frames, installed in place (not a one piece frame)
- 5 piece Shaker doors (maple + ply) with domino tenon joinery. This portion is about the only part that went according plan without (many) glitches.
- Finish is Target Coatings acrylic pigmented 'lacquer' custom tinted to the white in the room already (very close to a pure white). Color and sheen match was excellent - as I can't tell which piece was coated with which coating.

Pretty happy with the end result, as are the clients.


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