OT: Trends that flopped - name one

David Weaver
This came to mind this morning as I was remembering the craze for baskets (at least rural where i grew up)- specifically longaberger baskets around 1990.

I'd completely forgotten about it and if you don't remember it, then it won't amount to much, but they were fairly pricey at the time $120-$200 or more in current dollar figures, and had a gaudy brass plaque on the side to make sure everyone knew that you didn't get a generic basket that looked like them.

This came up just because I was browsing videos and saw that peter follansbee is still making baskets and posting videos about it. I went to ebay and see that a lot of the used longaberger baskets are about $20 or so (like a bread basket).

Anyone remember anything else similar to this? The interesting bit with this is that the buyers were my parents' generation (the ones who would want to stuff a few baskets like that around the house holding things), and it seems like the current generation is more interesting in the making of things than the having of things.

(coke and disney stuff comes to mind from back then, too, and oil cans and railroad ephemera was also popular, but that's not stuff anyone would make).

I don't remember too many people having making hobbies back then, especially not to the level that it's taken on this board.

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