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John K Jordan
Don't know about the PVC mats.

Stall mats are tough, 3/4" thick, will hold up to abuse from 1200 lb horses. I put them over dirt and gravel inside and out, should be fine over concrete.

Made of recycled tires so they may have a strong rubber smell for a while. Some are smooth on one side, some are textured. Some have diagonal grooves molded on the underside, presumably to lower material cost and increase profits.

Stall mats are 4'x6' and not too difficult to cut with a utility knife if you know how. Very heavy and awkward to handle even with two people. But I use a simple trick for moving and placing them by myself.

They will last forever if the donkeys don't chew the corners. If driving a car on them I might use some construction glue on those at the garage door that could slide on smooth concrete.

Around here they are about $40-$50 each but I was given a discount when I bought an entire pallet. 25 I think. 'Bout time to buy more...

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