Re: hinge mortise - single or double?

Sgian Dubh
It had slipped my mind regarding this question, but I remembered it just now so thought I'd mention it here. There's also the technique of angling the hinge at the intersection of the door and frame or carcase side so that the knuckle falls in line with the bead, whichever part the bead sits on, i.e., door or carcase.

The advantage here is that there is a recess or shallow angled mortice cut in both the parts so at least there's a recess to help with locating the hinge in each part when fitting the door(s), and the bottom edge of each recess supports the bottom edge of each hinge leaf thus reducing the likelihood of gravity causing the door to slide downwards.

The disadvantage is that setting out and executing the recesses is somewhat more challenging than normal. Slainte.

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