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Barry Irby
Many years ago I was a Class A Contractor and built a house near Chester, VA. Cutting to the chase, spring came and we were putting in the driveway and final grading. The Front end loader arrived, unloaded in the street, and pulled onto the lot. The operator left it running while he readied the truck to park.

We looked and this stuff that looked like chocolate pudding had sprung up around the tracks. He tried to drive forward, then back, and the loader kept sinking. The operator jumped off and we watched as it sank almost out of sight. Nothing was showing except the roll bar and the exhaust stack. We left it there for about a month and brought out a giant wrecker and pulled it up and out. It started and they loaded it and carried it away.

I found a local old geezer who knew his stuff and put me onto geotextile fabric. I rolled it out and back dumped 6 or 8" of gravel on top of it. That was at least thirty five years ago. I rode by there recently and the driveway is still there and fine.

Believe me, this is the short version of that story.

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