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William Duffield
I'm left handed, but I have a reason for hanging my shoulder vise on the wrong end of my bench. It might not be a good reason, but it is better than the reasons for not having rebuilt my bench top in almost 25 years to make it left handed.

What I like about your approach to the problem is that it is easily configured for either left handed or right handed use, and for any drawer size, except maybe drawers that are wider than your bench height. In that case, I would just reposition my Loxiliary bench-on-bench so I could hang the drawer over its back end.

N.B. As Bill knows, but which might not be obvious to those who have not tried it, the force of the front of the bench against the drawer sides when planing the front or back, or against the front and back when planing a drawer side, holds the drawer in place, as long as the plane is not pushing away from the bench.

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