Larry Rupprecht
We also have hardwood floors throughout our 102 year-old bungalow. The current floors are new about 20 years back, replacing the original qtr sawn red oak that had a wood-fired kitchen stove and an oil-fired heater on them for maybe the first 30 years....and no sanding or refinishing in 80 years. Now the "new" floor is abused by me with work shoes, a feisty Beagle, and two counter height stools with those worn out felt pads. My son calls the scars on my floor the character marks of family life. We love the sounds this floor gives us. The Beagle can't hide from us as her toenails announce her movements. Damp shoes give a squeak that makes us smile. Plus the floors are so easy to return to clean.

Sometime in the next 20 years [I'll be over 90] we will leave this home of now 40+ years and will have the floors sanded and refinished...if the new owners agree. They may love the look!

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