Adjusting drawer side fit...... *PIC*

roger lance
A month or so back, Virgil showed an interesting jig for planning a drawer side for carcass fit. I've been thinking about his jig and trying to come up with a solution of my own before just copying his effort.....lord knows I love my jigs.

But before making yet another jig which has to be stored somewhere, the thought, that my problem was solvable with what I already had, kept coming to mind. So, I used a completed drawer in an experiment with my Record 53E vise......

This seems to work quite well and in terms of capacity......

there is almost 13" of clampable space (and this with the rear jaw of this vise bearied in the bench top).The deepest drawer I've made so far is about 10"; so, no issue there.

I think (hope) this is going to be a viable solution for all but the smallest/largest drawers......

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