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Robert Hazelwood
Re: the wire wheel "look". It's a little hard to describe but to me it leaves a kind of silvery haze that will look a bit uneven and blotchy or smudgy on something like a cast iron plane body. It burnishes the surface and existing oxidation, and probably leaves some of the wire metal smeared around. Being softer, brass might be worse in that regard, not sure.

On the plus side, if there is deep pitting the wire wheel can get into them and burnish to match the rest of the surface, making them less apparent. A SB pad or sandpaper will leave the pits darker (as it makes the rest of the surface brighter) and make them stand out more. If you are OCD enough for that to bother you, the wire wheel look will bother you too, and so the only solution is to abrade the whole surface down past the deepest pitting while maintaining flatness/squareness (...or buy a plane in better shape).

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