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You know, I just don't know where to come down on all this. I mean the theorist in me says, let's figure it out from first principles. But imagine trying to use physics and math to understand why, say, a Stanley No, xyz in year so -and-so is clearly better than its cousin in year some -other- year. It's far to subtle. The guys ( and gals) who have been using these tools for years just "know". I was just trying to get a rough feel for how to steal Mr. Cohen's Moxon design to go from his (something like 1/2 inch) metal screws to what size it-has-to-be in wood to be more or less equivalent. Then I find out from his post here that his EARLIER Moxon DID have larger wood screws (he shows the picture) but that he prefers metal ones on a Moxon --but not on a leg vise --FOR OTHER REASONS -- like not busting his knuckles on the handles that torque the Moxon wood screws! This has nothing to do with physics but with experience, clearly. Still, we know that the engineers who design bolts and nuts for a living absolutely understand the physics of this stuff.

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