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113s and victor 020
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David Weaver
(I could be wrong about the victor brand - but I have an old victor, i think, japanned 020 and have had the 113 in the past).

If they're in perfect shape, they have decent value - used to be about 25% more than a good clean stanley 7 (but things have changed in the market). Look at the sold items on ebay to find value, though - if someone is asking $270, they may be asking it when the average sale price is $125.

They are a plane that can be a bear to use without learning to set the cap iron, but set the cap iron and they work great *as long* as everything is in good mechanical order. The is almost mandatory on a tool like this as an inconsistent cut will lead to curvature work that doesn't look that great (if you're getting tearout in part of the cut, the depth of wood removed is more in areas where the plane is cutting cleanly - drastically in some cases).

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