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if you're going to buy..

David Weaver
...wooden threads work a little differently and you'll find that they don't need to be huge and build good tension pretty quickly (they won't come unset).

No clue what's for sale. I've got an older miter jack or whatever you'd call that kind of fixture and the threaded rod is a little more than 1" in diameter at the outside (figure 1 1/4") and about 4 threads per inch.

Most of the inexpensive tap boxes are about 6 (I have one, they work fine if you sharpen the cutter that comes with them, but the threads are little and close together on bigger sizes).

I'll defer to "experts", though the jack that I have would be nice (3 or 4 threads) in a moxon vise as you're rarely going to be moving the jaws much.

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