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Robert Hazelwood
Unless the rust is outrageous, and/or you already have an electrolysis setup, I would just get some penetrating oil and maroon scotchbrite pads. On flat areas with heavier rust you can scrape with a razorblade prior to using the scotchbrite. You can use a wire scrub brush and metal picks on intricate areas.

Anything I've bought was cleaned fairly easily using these. I've done electrolysis and evap-o-rust and they both work well (so does soaking in vinegar), but in the end you are still going to be scrubbing the residue and flash rust off. They didn't seem to reduce the elbow grease by enough to warrant the extra time, money, and extra junk required to store around the shop. If you are after a full cosmetic restoration, then you'll have a ton of elbow grease required anyways.

If you are regularly bringing home rusty items to restore and have enough space so that you can just keep an electrolysis tank at the ready, then it makes more sense.

Be careful with powered wire wheels on a drill, or especially an angle grinder. Very effective of course but leaves a certain finish to the metal that looks wrong to me, at least on a hand-plane.

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