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David Weaver
but early on, I didn't know that it was important. What was the issue? A delta hybrid saw that was right at their spec for arbor runout (though they didn't give me the spec, they just told me the measurement that I gave them was still in spec).

When measured out to the tips of the saw teeth, a couple of thosuandths turns into a hundredth of wobble and the edge of a board will never be free of saw marks, and it'll rarely (if it has any thickness) pass a squareness check even if you've set the sawblade with an engineer's square.

That was pre-heavy hand tool use (it'd be no real issue now) - that space hog (bies fence and all) is long gone.

I have a wall hanging TS now (something by bosch). The fence is terrible on it, and it howls when it runs because it's a universal motor type, but it actually doesn't swirl the edge of a board as badly if you go to the trouble of setting both ends of the fence. It takes something big or junky to go to the effort of taking it off of the wall.

The person who got me into woodworking had a powermatic saw that had no measurable runout and in one diagonal, the table (which had a lovely surface grind) was convex 6 thousandths over one of the diagonals. He complained about that a lot!! The only consequence of the trueness was that his saw would burn edges pretty easily if you didn't keep things moving whereas mine was so intermittently in contact with the wood that it didn't burn anything easily.

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