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Jack Dover

Where did you get your information?

From my own experiments mostly.

not possible. Only stuff already loose will be removed.

Totally possible, just connect a wrong lead to a part being cleaned.

again not. I use any 12 V charger, plug it in and let it rip.

Sure, even a phone charger should work, it's just going to take a long time. 2A number comes from most popular settings on a battery charger, the actual current will be different, yes, it depends on a bunch of factors, but how is it relevant?

In fact you will not be able to drive any current through your body with a measly 12 volts.

Why would you assume it will definitely be 12V, just because I have mentioned a car charger? There are plenty of chargers at 24V, my first one was an old lab power supply with 64V as a minimal setting. Also had a charger that had 30V on leads despite nominated as 12V only.

Anyway, while I do agree that a car charger won't kill at 12V in most settings (unless dropped from above), but we're talking about a setup with a lot of conductive fluid and a bunch of unknowns, and I personally do not want to figure whether it considered still in "most settings" or not. Neither I would want to downplay it for others.

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