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David Weaver
Thanks! I often don't keep the 1/4" chisel as finely set up at the edge (which means just flat bevel and such). No dedicated chisel on hand for things like DT cuts between the tails, and I like to *not* have to think about taking it easy on them. (plus, these are about the mellowest sharpening decent chisels I've ever come across).

These are going in the mail soon - I'm on the fence after finishing a couple of more 26c3 chisel set (which is going to take eons at the rate I'm doing them) about grinding a bunch of these and just selling them at cost of materials (i like to do it -it's like meditating at this point). Cost as they're shown is about $30.

what I think I'm eventually going to run out of, though, is people willing to grip a handle. If I didn't have a day job, this whole chisel making thing would get out of control, let alone grinding cheapies. there is *flow* (a pleasant state of detachment with the world) with it that I don't get when building furniture. Sometimes, the flow is broken by contact of fingers with a 36 grit belt, though. :| A different flow (red one) follows, but modern glues allow shortening of the underhill state of being and back to the original flow.

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