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Jack Dover

Some people make a jig and rub the back of he chisel along the jig to get a straight cut. I have never done that myself so I'm with you and a flat back is not necessary.

I have tried a jig a few times and it doesn't work for me (not that freehanding works all the time, but still), couldn't even make a dovetail baseline guide to work acceptably. Also I just can't imagine repositioning any sort of a guide very time a cut plane changes on even the simplest joints. It's way easier for me to use a properly sized chisel, e.g. trimming a tenon flat is better with a chisel that's at least half the length of a tenon wide — my 1" and 1 1/2" are rarely dusty.

I used to think that the flat back guides a chisel in a cut, but quickly learned that's not exactly true, and that a guide doesn't guarantee my miters will be dead on. I guess I'm missing something on the jigs front, 'cos there are people that jig pretty much everything (Chris Hall comes to mind and his mind blowing work, also I think Brian Holcombe used jigs), so I chalked it up to my personal limitations.

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