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Mike In Los Angeles
I would love to save you a few years of aggravation.

Learning to sharpen hand tools, learning to do woodworking with hand tools, and learning to fine tune hand tools are three separate disciplines, with distinct challenges and rewards. Any can be satisfying and worthwhile, doing all three at once introduces enough confusion to put most people off it eventually.

What I know about planes i learned on some pretty nicely kept old ones. If I had it to do over I would have learned on some from someone who I trusted to tell me they were ready to work well. Not knowing whether my tool or my technique is giving me a result has led me to a lot or tail chasing. This has cost a lot of time and money.

A lot of what is taught on YouTube is presented in the spirit of “The Way to _____” and a lot of it is just a way. I have put a lot of time and energy into forcing myself to do things according to a Way I saw on youtube, sometimes when I had a perfectly good way to do it that I set aside to learn The Way. It has turned out for me that a lot or these Ways are just something the youtube guy picked up the same way he is now presenting it, and a lot of it hasnt served me.

If a plane has more rust than comes off with a little sanding on a flat surface, I don’t think it’s worth chasing it unless you want to be about fixing tools rather than using them. Your question was more practical than philosophical, so I feel like trying to give a practical answer, but my experience leads me to say “skip it”

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