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John in NM
Big yard and small yard. Big ones are loading big trucks and tolerate small pickups because one day that guy may be a big customer.

I tend to look for the big yard that lets you load from a fork lift while the driver waits - that kind of outfit is dealing with the selection question subtly, which I appreciate. The driver generally lets you pick within reason when you don't waste his time and leave a messy stack for him. There is a little drop in quality for their bigger customers, but generally they move enough volume that the dilution is minimal.

Small yards have everything in racks and you pick out what you want and get someone to measure it. Different model, different pricing (more $$$$ this way). Usually I'm looking for quality over savings so more often I go where I'll get the best quality - sometimes that is the small yard where they cater to small customers.

Everything in between those two are more hassle than they are worth in my experience. Usually for them selling wood is a side line and they try to be the big yard without having the volume and margins to make it work well. Those are the ones I've seen that obsess over selection to the point of being jerks about it.

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