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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The fact guiding a sellers situation is that the best grade of hardwood lumber one can buy in pack quantities at the wholesale level is a pack composed of the top 3 (FAS1F and BTR) or sometimes top 4 (SEL and Btr) hardwood lumber grades.

Our primary customer was a cabinet shop, that we hoped to keep as a repeat customer. I felt it important that the last 100 bdft they bought from a 1000 bdft pack of lumber was the same quality as the first 100 bdft. By buying one or more hundred bdft at a time a shop would usually be assured that what ever they needed for width and size would be in that order. And, the shop would need enough variety of cutting lengths and widths that they could, and would, use every bit from an order. If a repeat customer needed something special for a job I would try to find it in my inventory.

As a seller of lumber there was nothing in it for me to let individuals rummage through a pack and pick out all the wide boards, whether that was essential to what they were building, or not. Why would I "cheat" my primary customers out of the best lumber in a pack to accommodate a minor customer?

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