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Re: Grain and style

Bruce McCrory
"I am not fond of curly maple furniture but I do like this maple color." B.T.

That is a nice rendition of a traditional style/design.

I can empathize with your view of the wood grain. In some situations grain patterns enhance the intrinsic value of an article, rifle stocks and stringed instruments being examples. In other pieces like furniture grain can be a cacophony to the eye. The individual piece competes with the whole for attention.

I think, without building the whole front from a single slab, like bombe' where we see the connection of grain in a pattern, our senses for harmony and uniformity are conflicted by the discord of overall grain directions.

We can also find the opposite, no grain or variety, boring. I feel Scandinavian style can fall into that trap due to plywood veneers and boxy feeling.

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