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Re: Increasing the cost 200%

David Weaver
Hi, Derek, that's a good plan for subtly moving the lands off of vertical on a japanese chisel, but wouldn't be a good fit for the chisels that I generally make (they have a curvature on the top and the metal removal is drastic vs. slight)

These HF chisels just give me a chance as a skill builder to freehand finish something and see how it turns out.

The one thing where they're left wanting is where the blade meets the spiral bolster (a rotary machine just chops the flat on the top down and leaves a step. It could be made more neat, but I'm not into it for the time commitment - a tang chisel would be crossed).

Belt grinder and grinder are drastically different machines - one is for mass metal removal and finishing, and I guess you could argue that a strong wheel grinder is good for metal removal, but they're lacking compared to a contact wheel and belt grinder when doing significant grinding (The lands on these chisels can be dropped in 5 minutes, top finished and bevel reground shallow without burning anything whereas the same removal on a 24 grit wheel takes about four times as long, and then everything has to be finished by hand).

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