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David Weaver
is no-man's land and you can either make something in huge numbers with little labor and put it in blister packs to sell to the guy looking for chisels, and the guy who buys chisels because he has to fix a door, etc.

The next guy might want a $20 chisel, but it takes hand labor, maybe (or something else expensive) and involves either no warping or lots of follow-up grinding.

The handle part is probably less obnoxious than it is for me (have a fixture, use something like a boring machine or milling machine with a short bit and blast the hole in straight and knock the handle on). I get all of the handles almost dead straight. Almost.

Perhaps the other issue is that if you're going to make a really nice inexpensive chisel, you need something in the ballpark of .9 or 1% carbon and then the discretion to make it around 61 hardness. If using O1 rod, this goes up a little (not sure that it makes for much benefit, but maybe O1 through hardens with more forgiveness and warps less. 100crV3 or whatever it is at $2 a pound or so has to make a nice chisel if it's forged (not sure about the wire if it's not forged as we usually get rolled material as hobbyists and the rolling improves it. Not sure if the drill rod gets the same smashing treatment.

it's kind of like a $150 hand plane. You could probably work with casters overseas to get decent castings and blast out a good functioning plane, but nobody would want it.

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