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the warping...

David Weaver
They seem to be like that (the narrow one warps in both directions - I'll bet many are the same due to an automated process).

The aldi info is varied. I have a version of them from prior to being offered at aldi, and they're about as hard as sorby chisels (soft). But they can be made to use with the buffer and I think they were $6.99 for four.

At the same time, I've seen claims that some of the aldi chisels have struck above 60 hardness. That would explain the big variance, and if they're crv60 (0.6% carbon), I'm a little suspicious of their ability to not chip more than a good chisel in hardwood work.

The HF chisels are good fodder for grinding and making into whatever you want. The other shame with the 1/4 chisel is the cross section is almost square. IT could easily be made into a 1/4" mortise chisel with a tiny amount of taper and perhaps some of the length ground off (not absolutely necessary, I guess).

The bias could also just be the speed and sloppiness of the final grinding, but the ones I have are fairly straight for the first 2", so they'd still be fine for mortises. It's just a slight bias toward the top and that makes them unsightly.

I'll bet if you're looking down yours top facing up and handle closes to you with bevel away, it bends to the left - about 3 sheets of paper further up the handle (only about 1 if only the first 3 inches of the chisel are laid against a flat reference surface. I could grind that out, but I'd hate to reduce the chisel's width).

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