Hand Tools

Re: Lost my mind last week...

Jack Dover
I have actually lost my mind a bit too and bought a set just to check the hardness and whether they're better made than Aldi's. Mine are sufficiently hard, will grind them at a lower angle just to see how it's holding up. The set is a step above Aldi's, which doesn't make it a super awesome chisel, but places Aldi's at the bottom of my quality scale, barely above zero mark. 3 Windsors out of 6 have a visible bow or a concave back, 1/4", the smallest one, has a bend sideways. I don't think either of this will affect functionality, and probably I'll grind lands only first inch or so and only on one or two chisels. Really liked a square 1/4", too bad there's no 1/8" or close, that could be ground to a dedicated dovetail cleanup chisel. Handles could be longer indeed, but they're still functional, so if anyone wonders whether a lathe and a belt sander should be bought too — not necessary, they're quite serviceable as is.

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