Hand Tools

Lost my mind last week... *PIC*

David Weaver
..and ordered 10 sets of the HF chisels. Over time, I'll do something with them (probably use them to experiment - and this sounds dumb - with handle woods and handle drilling methods).

(still a nub on the end of some of the handles to be dealt with).

I wouldn't say that the $10 six chisel sets are ideal - they can have their warts, but so far sampling two more packs at random, having good usable hardness isn't one of them. All of this lot and some of others have had a gradual hollow over their length that accelerates as you get to the mock socket bolster, but there's probably 3 inches of chisel that will never get in the way of a cut once the initial flattening is done and only someone watching videos instead of woodworking would find a limitation.

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