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David Weaver
I get what you're saying, and I did the same for my daughter (except a less nice bed and less nice stock, but the money saved was four figures). I could've spent the extra money, but in principle, I didn't like what I'd be getting in return.

And don't think I'm not somewhat jealous over your ability to get, store, saw and dry timber.

You and I are pretty far away from being useful for a beginner, though. For different reasons. Much of it being because we're willing to take what we can get in front of us and use it. I'm more fussy about the tools, I think you're a little more fussy about the results, which doesn't reflect well on me.

That said, on the sharpening stuff, I can make a sharpening setup that I prefer over any expensive stones (based on results, speed and no need to be fussy), but there's not that much appeal to that. I could teach people to do it, but I think I'm done pushing sharpening gimmicks.

(the cheapest way I ever found to come up with nice furniture, though, is to browse CL here - and I'm sure more savvy people would go to something newer - but last year, I needed three desks. I got three for the price of about $75 each, and they were sound enough to need minor repair, fill, and then get what my wife and kids really want - furniture that's a specific painted color).

There is such a surplus of nice stuff floating around on CL and other places for 1/4th the cost of mediocre materials that it's kind of a shame.

much of the real savings depends on how much tolerance there is with taking what's available (and I suppose in really rural areas....like really really rural - there may not be much supply of stuff on CL that doesn't get snagged right away. Even in a city like Pittsburgh, the supply of "new adults" looking to sell off their old junk furniture is almost endless. Their old junk is often something that's not that junky, but needs an aesthetic hand.

Still a little jealous of the lumber and would like to start sawing slabs to be resawn later, but the mrs. says no on our postage stamp. I could physically saw the wood faster than I could find a use for it.

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