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David Weaver
From a more practical perspective, too, you get a chisel and if it's sharpened well, use it for 20 minutes chopping sockets and it'll need sharpening again. If you are going to sell something (due to constant loyal customers demanding something come from you, in some cases wanting even tool care and ancillary stuff to match "brand wise" (I've seen that at least twice re: using another branded honing guide on LN tools and not liking that they don't match), you have to sell something that's hard for people to mess up, that's available, and that's worth selling.

Compare that to a diamond hone that I can think of that's made in china, sold for more than the cost of a domestic diamond hone and that has print in the ad copy saying the warranty is only valid if you buy their branded honing fluild (which is retailed for $280 to $450 a gallon equivalent, but by MSDS is just a mix of naptha and mineral spirits). Then, they go on to suggest it can only be used with light pressure (of course - but sometimes light pressure on diamond hones is really slow).

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