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David Weaver
..if you'd prefer it was something more anonymous, you could probably set up a straw email account and change your settings to reflect it.

This accounting of stolen information and identity type stuff just seems to be constant lately. I won't bank on my phone, but the PC may not be any more secure (could be less).

I was talking to my dad recently and he refuses to do any banking other than at an atm or in person (and he generally doesn't even trust ATMs). He let on that he had a computer problem and allowed an indian scammer to get on his computer for *quite a while* (after I pried out of him exactly what happened). His computer is pretty much devoid of anything - he's older and does nothing on it but read sports news and despite being older than any computer that I have, all of the original icons are on the desktop and nothing else (as it was delivered probably 8 years ago). Probably made for a frustrated scammer, but just responding gets him put on a list of positive contacts so I'm sure it won't be the last time.

Separately, another acquaintance had a friend bring someone over (to watch a football game, or whatever) and has been fighting for a year as the tag-along buddy took a cell phone picture of his signature on something laying around and learned to forge it, moved to another state and worked with a fraudulent notary to establish all kinds of garbage. The acquaintances only mistake was leaving a signed document on his desk in his own house so that someone could photo the signature and information on it and then run with it.

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