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John in NM
In fairness, I haven't watched that sharpening video, but I think the thing to ask yourself is what are they selling?

You recognized something that was inconsistent - modern manufacturing, high price, fancy, beautiful tools, why then all the fussy sharpening? Its because that sharpening regimen is part of what they are selling. The tools are perfectly useful as they come from the shop. The video is part of the marketing for more tools, the hobby is not woodworking, its tuning, polishing, and sharpening.

Now that sounds pretty hard on LN - I don't mean to be, I like their stuff and I'm glad they are making it and have done so for most of my adult life. But I do recognize the realities of consumerism that have kept them in existence.

I suppose that also sounds pretty hard on guys who's hobby is tuning tools - I don't mean to be that either. I like making stuff, they like tuning stuff. The main thing is to enjoy yourself, that's what hobbies are for!

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