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Glen Yoder
I went through a divorce and sold hundreds of my tools at auction. I kept the good ones and I have space now to do a little bit of hand tool woodworking, I am gradually getting back into it. My daughter wanted my tool box, I took a few of the tools and left the rest. I found a nice vintage workbench at a garage sale, it cost me as much to rent a truck to haul it home as the bench cost. I have bought a few tools at garage sales over the past few years. I cleaned out a closet in my bedroom over the weekend and was looking around to see what to organize next and saw my pile of tools on one of the bottom shelves. I pulled them all out and at the bottom of the pile was an early (type 3 or 4) 608C jointer. I thought for a minute and remembered buying it at a flea market; the guy pretty much knew what he had and was asking $120. I dickered for a little and we sttled on $100 for the plane and he threw in a small logo Griswold #8 frying pan. It will clean up nice, needs a new tote and a Hock iron but the japanning is pretty good and I will just put a standard #8 lever cap on it, I am on Lexapro for OCD and that won't bother me. I have never had a #8 size jointer that I tuned to use so this will be a great project. I turned a display piece this weekend, nothing to do with hand tools but I am just posting a pic here for convenience.

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608C *PIC*
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