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David Weaver
...(being in LN videos, I think they believe that the back of the chisel needs to be dead flat for use with reference/paring jigs, and perhaps maintenance.)

I don't know if they actually believe that stuff or if they've found out that trying to teach newbies about judgement in terms of the level of precision needed - if that's a completely fruitless and thankless job.

A friend of mine is their kind of customer. He wants no compromises and no statement of nuance, and he would say to them "tell me which stones to buy, which guide and how to use them, and no, I don't care to hear about the less expensive options, I want the one you recommend." That's really their customer. The rest of us who can figure out what we want, we're generally unaffected by their recommendations - they have a problem if they don't go very conservative - the tools come back.

I have to guess that their recommendation for not using a dry grinder has a lot to do with receiving chisels back that have been poorly ground (either damaged in shape, or by heat).

My friend being a good example, though - if there is an eclipse copy that works OK for $10 and there is a $200 option that's well machined and feels better and is easier to work, he's in for the latter every time. He uses planes *a little* and power tools and powered joinery stuff *a lot* (and he's a retired white collar guy). He's got zero tolerance for figuring things out that someone can just tell him.

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